INDIGO THREADS aims to be the go to boutique for all women who love to dress in up to minute fashion, for work and play that is fun and affordable. Indigo Threads is for all women who like to be individuals, with fashion on their mind and who are young at heart.

Illona Shooter dabbled in fashion for many years, starting in the jeans trade, going on to spectacles and enjoying her own successful eBay store for many years. On a voluntary level she has also been styling friends, work colleagues and acquaintances, helping people to feel more confident, sassy, sexy or dressed to impress for a particular, gathering, interview, date, wedding or any event they are attending. Specialising in helping people dress around whatever shape and size they maybe and embracing their curves, lumps, bumps or lack thereof. ‘Curvy or thin love the Goddess you’re in.

After many years of being involved in fashion and always lending her flair to whatever she was involved in, Illona decided to launch what has always been her passion and Indigo Threads was born. As a young woman Illona would style her friends before going out on the town, announcing as they arrived that we are all dressed by ‘The House of Illona” now Illona wants to lend that flair to as many women as she can.

Indigo Threads has been operating and enjoying much success from a boutique in Somerville Victoria, trading Monday to Saturday and doing individual styling sessions by appointment for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Indigo Threads has now extended its availability to you and all women to enjoy its beautiful range of clothes. Especially for women who are young at heart wanting to look stylish in our easy to wear and affordable range.

Welcome to Indigo Threads, enjoy our beautiful shop made with you in mind.


Illona Shooter

Rock what you’ve got!!
Author Illona Shooter